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Testimonials for Wizard’s SQL Recipes

What readers are saying about the book
Wizard’s SQL Recipes for WordPress

Here are some reader testimonials and comments about Wizard’s SQL Recipes for WordPress.

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Purchased! It is great, 100% recommendation. I own 4 books and all got updates in the past. The newest book SQL Recipes is absolutely amazing (the other books are great too btw). — Angelika Reisiger
I purchased your SQL Recipe book, so far it’s a great book. [...] The book is extremely well written and the examples have so far all been good. The snippets and explanations are the most important parts so the fact that those are on point is really all that matters right lol. — Joel Rivera
I’m so happy I got your book, Wizard’s Collection SQL Recipes for WordPress. Meta tables in WordPress where always something like a wizardry to me, so your book makes a perfect title! The book is a godsend for every developer. — Branislav Jankovic
This is my favorite web-dev book ever! So many great SQL snippets have saved me TONS of time and frustration. Thank you for writing it! — Alexa Vaughn
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