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Wizard’s Collection: SQL Recipes for WordPress

Wizard's Collection: SQL Recipes for WordPressSQL Recipes for WordPress
You Get:
  • PDF/eBook (200+ pages)
  • Syntax-highlighted code snippets
  • Over 300 SQL recipes for WordPress
  • Widescreen & Lite Versions
  • Lifetime license (free updates)
  • One-time payment (non-recurring)

A magical collection of SQL queries, tips & tricks

The goal of this book is to help people interact directly with the WordPress database. By entering simple SQL commands, anyone can select, modify, and optimize data quickly and easily. No need to spend hours studying SQL and trying to memorize everything. This book does all the work for you.

With bulletproof recipes and concise explanations, this book gives you the skills to better manage the WordPress database. Skills to help with site maintenance, troubleshooting, optimizing for performance, generating reports, updating content, and so much more. Skills that make you the wizard.

Wizard’s collection unlocks the power of SQL for everyday WordPress users.

Learn by doing

All code recipes are kept as simple as possible. You will notice lots of similarities and patterns as you go, enabling you to mix and match to create your own custom queries to perform virtually any task.

Following along with the recipes in the book is an excellent way to “learn as you go” and “level up” your WordPress database skills.

… a treasure trove of SQL recipes for WordPress. It saves tons of time and frustration working on my database. Thank you! — Andreas K.

Loaded with features

Every page is meticulously designed and focused on the best SQL recipes for WordPress. Every recipe is explained in simple steps, with the amount of complex code kept to an absolute minimum. It’s a stylish book with many great features.

  • Over 300 SQL recipes
  • Syntax-highlighted code
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Searchable PDF/eBook format
  • Copy/paste code examples
  • Clear & easy to read
  • Balanced, focused, concise
  • 10 chapters / 200+ pages
  • Loaded with notes & tips
  • Stylish “wizard-ish” book design
  • Lifetime free book updates!

Wizard’s SQL Recipes gives you just the good stuff, no technical jargon or winded explanations just pure WordPress recipes for managing the database, experimenting, and learning.

This book brings together nearly 15 years of collected SQL recipes for WordPress. All of the best, most useful queries together in one place.

Level up your database skills

This book gives you time-saving recipes to interact with the WordPress database. Perfect for any WordPress user who wants to save time and improve their skills.

  • Over 300 SQL recipes at your fingertips
  • Recipes for every table in the WordPress database
  • Complete chapter on database optimization
  • Learn how to run SQL queries via PHP/WordPress
  • Perform bulk edits quickly and easily
  • No need to install any extra plugins
  • Work directly with the WP database
  • Save time on repetitive tasks
  • Modify & manipulate data
  • Save time and get more done.

For complete list of all recipes and topics included in the book, check out the PDF Demo / Table of Contents »

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