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.htaccess made easy

Here are some reader testimonials and comments about .htaccess made easy.

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Jeff has long been the go-to guy for all things .htaccess. I always think of .htaccess as pretty much programming voodoo, where saying a chant as you save the file has about the same chance of working as any actual characters I type. But of course that isn’t true, and I’m glad Jeff is here to help us through it with this book. Chris Coyier
If you ever wanted to finally fully understand .htaccess and all its peculiarities, this comprehensive, well-written book will be just what you are looking for. Vitaly Friedman
I’ll probably never master regex or the mysterious ways of the .htaccess file but thanks to Jeff I am a few steps closer to being a little more in control of both! It’s all in here, from redirects, to optimisation through to a dedicated section on using .htaccess to super charge your WordPress site. I can’t recommend it enough – grab a copy now. Keir Whitaker
In .htaccess made easy, Jeff Starr has carried out the difficult task of creating a guide that provides instruction for beginners while acting as a useful reference that advanced users can dip in and out of. This beautiful guide to .htaccess is delivered in Jeff’s good-humoured and engaging style, making it readable, accessible, and a must-have for your web development library. Siobhan McKeown
This is a nicely conceived book, with a professional presentation, well written step by step technical reference with a human touch in the explanation. — Leon Fernandez
This book is great ... I’ve already learnt how to enable compression through the .htaccess which I was doing through PHP before! If I were to try and learn everything in this book off of the internet, then ... well I wouldn’t even try! It makes things so simple and breaks them down, I actually know what some of the flags mean that I’ve mean using for years now! Thanks so much for a great resource. — David
I’ve been looking for a resource like this for ages. — Nick W.
I purchased the .htaccess book and really like it. I am a slow learner and need things to be well explained. The web documentation at always perplexed me. Your book fits the bill. In its clean explanations, I have learned a lot about how Apache works. — Tim Thorp
I recently purchased a copy of both .htaccess made easy and Digging Into WordPress (print edition). These books deal in-depth with all of the topics which soon or later a web/WordPress developer needs to cope with. Also customer support was excellent! — Daniele Alvaro
Your book .htaccess made easy has been so helpful, I am sure others have found it equally so. I cannot thank you enough. — David K.
#fridayreads Starr’s excellent .htaccess made easy @perishable I highly recommend it! Will be making good use of it. Mark Lindner
Finally a #book on #htaccess for beginners and beyond, lots of info and good explanation! Thank you @perishable Dasha
Developers. One day you’re going to want this. @perishable SiteShack Web Design
I bought the .htaccess made easy book from the kind and awesome @perishable Get yours: #apache #web #security Xandor Schiefer
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