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.htaccess made easy

.htaccess made easyComplete guide to .htaccess
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As easy as it gets.

For Apache servers, .htaccess files enable you to tighten security, optimize performance, configure options, and much more. Even better, .htaccess works at the server level and can be much faster than loading up scripted solutions.

This book brings together everything you need to know and takes the mystery out of .htaccess. Learn how it all works with easy-to-read text and lots of awesome .htaccess techniques.

A practical guide for admins, designers & developers. Learn how to use .htaccess to improve the security, performance & SEO of your site.

Secure your site. Boost security by blocking proxy servers, building strong firewalls, whitelisting access, and much more.

Optimize performance. Speed up your site with powerful techniques like file compression, cache control, and cookie-free domains.

Configure essentials. Learn how to set default server variables, enable Apache modules, customize options and much more.

Fine-tune traffic. Customize the flow of site traffic at the server level with fine-grained control over every detail.

Maximize SEO. Improve your site’s SEO by setting canonical URLs, fixing 404 errors, and cleaning up malicious links.

Enhance usability. Enhance the usability of your site with custom error-pages, browser-specific content, and plush directory-views.

Redirect anything. Learn how to redirect entire sites, directories, and single web pages to any location with ease.

For everyone. .htaccess made easy is a practical, hands-on guide written for admins, designers, developers, and everyone.

Features galore. Learn in style with over 200 full-color pages, meticulously designed with large, easy-to-read text and sweet graphics.

I’ve been looking for a resource like this for ages. — Nick W.

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