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Testimonials for WordPress Themes In Depth

What readers are saying about the book
WordPress Themes In Depth

Here are some reader testimonials and comments about WordPress Themes In Depth.

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I am an WordPress expert i have been working on 7 years. I have spent a lot of time going through the table of contents (map) and the screenshots. This is a must read. This is one of the best books for anyone who wants to master the art of WordPress theme development and distribute your own WordPress themes. Keep up the good work. Awesome job Jeff. — Sajan Kota
I bought your book a month ago and i’m glad i did! Thanks Jeff. Theo
I am enjoying the book right now. For me, it’s the best WordPress theme development book ever. I have bought several books and videos, I have subscribed to some online training regarding theme development, but none has helped me until I bought this book. I like the way the book goes from the most basic to intermediate and to a bit advance level with plenty of references and links to outside resources. The book is simple the best if you are trying to learn to design your own WordPress theme. It is meeting my needs better than other books. — Dare Adelugba
Just bought the Themes book, and it looks increasingly in-depth. Can’t wait to read it 🙂 Steve Blackwood
WordPress Themes In Depth by @perishable! looks like a great book for theme devs. — SpinPress
Thank you for this book, it is exactly what I needed to bring our team up to speed with WordPress theme development and all the latest best practices. The book is concise, clear, and beautifully designed. THANK YOU! — Marion Taylor
I’m about halfway through [...] and I’m very excited about the contents. I appreciate that you start from a simplest theme, with only two files, and build on that. It helps show what the theme is responsible for, as opposed to what WP provides for you. Thanks for putting out this book, and for your help. — A. Alfred Ayache
Great book, I am learning a lot. — Richard D. O’Brien
Thank you so much for writing a great book on Wordpress Themes, I really loving it. — Zaheer Abbas
That’s an excellent book, Jeff. If it was on amazon, I’d write a review. — Peter Mumford
Great! Thank you very much. Your books are very useful and brilliant tutorials for me. Go on with your work! — Alexander Schlichter
I downloaded the books, so excited I don’t know with which to start. [...] Wordpress Themes in Depth is a god send, there is nothing like it out there, even video tutorials don’t come close. Thank you so much! — Andrei Barbuta
Just wanted to let you know that I love the WordPress Themes in Depth book so far. Awesome work! [...] Nearly finished the book, really loving it. Thanks for putting out such awesome material. For aspiring developers like me, who have found and nurtured a passion for coding and WordPress in particular, this is an invaluable asset. — Ann Cascarano
@perishable! & it’s AWESOME. Just purchased reading now. Thx for great ref & great read, Jeff. Chock full o’ WP theme goodness! — Steve Wharton
Thank you for putting together this book. — Giulio Piancastelli
Thanks for the book, it’s great!!!! — Mary Fossbender
Congratulations, the books are awesome, I am very lucky to have heard about you guys. I look forward to reading & learning...thanks for sharing. — Ricardo
Your books are amazing! I wish I had found them when I started in WP three years ago. I have been a web site designer for 15 years. Getting WP under my belt has been frustrating and a challenge — very different from what I had learned previously. And I’ve worked in technology for a long time! [...] I’m so grateful to finally have this help! None of the other WP books I’ve bought have been even remotely as helpful. You truly understand us beginners and those of us who have gotten our feet wet but are struggling with what to do next. Mary Anne Shew
Hi, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your book. It’s so complete and clear. — Jagrav Quinn
Thanks so much for your e-books. I find that them to be an endless source of quality information that is easy to digest. I continue to learn from them after more than a year! Stephen Nicholson
Your book is outstanding. Very well written and organized. I’m learning a lot from reading it. [...] Again, this really is a great book, I’m very happy I got it and am learning a ton of stuff. — Steve Wilkison
Thanks for the great books! I have been using DigWP for a couple of years now and it’s my bible. So I was excited to get your new WP book and themes! — Patricia Ritsema van Eck
Thanks @perishable! Finally, a Wordpress theme development book that makes sense. Go buy it #wordpress — James Romanowski
I really loved your book WordPress Themes in Depth. It’s a huge resource. It took a long time to read, because I wanted to read it cover to cover before starting to have a bird’s eye view. [...] Thanks again for your great content! Vincent Dubroeucq
Thank you for publishing such a wonderful and helpful book! — Travis Phillips
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