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Testimonials for Digging Into WordPress

What readers are saying about the book
Digging Into WordPress

Here are some reader testimonials and comments about Digging Into WordPress.

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Thank you for teaching me how to fish. — Eddie
IT IS A MUST HAVE for anybody using WP. — Jean
Thanks for making learning easy and fun, guys! — Jillian
I spent ALL night reading... worth every single penny paid. — Carlos
The book is great as well and definitely worth every cent. — Mark
Recently, a client specifically requested WordPress. No getting around it this time. I’ve struggled to find a comprehensive guide to setting things up... until now. — Amy
Digging into WordPress has become my WordPress Bible. Whenever I’m working on a WordPress project, you can bet that I have it open for quick reference. The hours it has saved me working on projects has paid for itself numerous times over. — Thomas
I really think you should be a case study for how to self publish. I would have never bought this book if hasn’t been self published. You just keep on delighting your customers the way a publishing house can’t (or won’t) ever! — Joseph Silber
I have read a lot of “How to”, coding and programming books. Digging into WordPress is, by far, the most useful resource I’ve put my hands on. I got it four days ago and couldn’t put it down. I read it from cover to cover with highlighter in hand — an absolute first! Wow, what an awesome resource. I was able to understand and grasp each concept the first time through. I can even remember what pages some things are on (not typical). This is an absolutely wonderful book! Thank you. I wholeheartedly endorse what you have accomplished. I have been hacking at WordPress for about 5 years. After reading your book, I feel confident I can do a decent job developing a secure website the right way. — Quinton Jones
On a side note, I’ve found WordPress to be like the “wild west” of website design & maintenance — that said, I wish I’d discovered Digging into Wordpress months ago! You guys put out an engaging, comprehensive and necessary product, and I hope you continue to update it as Wordpress evolves. Looking forward to the print edition! — Heather Roche
Must be the best customer service I’ve had from anywhere. I have followed Chris for quite a while through CSS tricks etc, in fact his video series and tutorials etc have inspired me to make a career in web design. After a lot of hard work and guidance from generous guys like Chris and yourself I am now head of design in a growing advertising agency. You guys are doing a great job with this book. — Matt Clover
Thanks so much for taking the time to write the single most awesome tech book I have ever read! (cover to cover in a day, unputdownable). There’s no filler here, every topic and example were instantly useful and practical in the real world. I can’t wait to get building some awesome themes. The gorgeous layout and typography are a refreshing change too! — Franco Musso
The book is useful as it is like having 2 computer screens and it is more fun to curl up with in bed than a computer. — Larry Cole
Digging Into WordPress is the bomb: it nicely fills the previously-gaping hole between books for WYSIWYG users who fear code, and books for developers who eat PHP for breakfast. Kudos! — Raven Gildea
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